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National Competition

2010 Disabled Nationals to be held August 26 - 28

The Water Skiers with Disabilities Association has announced that the 21st Disabled Water Ski National Championships and 2nd Pan Am Championships will be held August 26-28 and hosted by the Hawthorn Lake Ski Club in cooperation with the Indiana Water Ski Association and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports at Hawthorn Lakes in Danville, IN. The event will feature the United States’ top disabled water ski athletes competing for national titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall along with International athletes for the Pan Am games.


Within each event, skiers who are partially (V2, V3) or totally blind (V1), paraplegics or quadriplegics (MP1, MP2, MP3), and arm and/or leg disabilities (with or without prosthesis) compete against athletes with the same disabilities. There will be two rounds of competition and event winners will be based on a two-round total, while the overall winners will be based on overall points from the best scores of either round.


The Water Skiers with Disabilities Association is one of nine sport disciplines of USA Water Ski, which was formed in 1939 as a non-profit organization promoting water skiing in the United States.

Entry Packets

The Skiers' Packet and Entry Form for the 2008 Disabled Water Ski National Championships is now available. To download the Skiers' Packet click here: http://www.usawaterski.org/pages/divisions/WSDA/2008WSDANationalsSkierPacket.pdf

Waterski Membership

What if I'm not a USA Water Ski member?  Funny you should ask!  Use this link to become a member now - https://joinusawaterski.org/  - and make sure that you choose Disabled as your first choice for Sports Discipline.

Remember to also check out the Disabled page on the USA Water Ski website for lots of great information about disabled water skiing.  http://www.usawaterski.org/pages/divisions/WSDA/main.htm

Water Ski Metric Conversions
Slalom Jump Trick Rope Length
Km=mph Km=mph Km=mph M=feet off
58=36.0 57=35.4 31=19.3 18.25=15'
55=34.2 54=33.6 30=18.6 16.00=22'
52=32.3 51=31.7 29=18.0 14.25=28'
49=30.4 48=29.8 28=17.4 13.00=32'
46=28.6 45=28.0 27=16.8 12.00=35'
43=26.7 42=26.1 26=16.2 11.25=38'
40=24.9 39=24.2 25=15.5 10.75=39.5'
37=23.0 36=22.4 24=14.9 10.25=41'
34=21.1 33=20.5 23=14.3 09.75=43'
31=19.3       22=13.7   09.25=44.5'