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Drivers Clinic


  • Freedom – Big beginner ski (15” wide) with starting block

  • Comp1 – Intermediate / advanced ski (13” wide) no starting block

  • SuperComp – Advanced slalom ski (11” wide)

  • Outriggers – short ski tips attached to Freedom Ski


Freedom with outriggers with rope in block

  • Similar to pulling a small child on a kneeboard

  • Slow steady pull to 8 – 12 mph

  • Watch for porpoising – reduce speed if necessary

  • During turns – increase speed to move skier to outside of turn; decrease speed to move skier to inside of turn (similar to pulling an inner tube)

Freedom without outriggers

  • Don’t allow skier to cross outside of wake.  After skier pulls rope out of block increase speed 2 - 4 mph

  • Same as above except: Slow steady pull to 15 – 18 mph

  • Be sure to keep the skier straight behind the boat.  “Feather” the throttle in and out of gear to keep the line taught without pulling the skier and starter.

Freedom and Comp1 with rope in hand

  • Similar to pulling a person on a set of “doubles”

  • Firm, steady pull to 16 – 20 mph

  • Watch out for deep “V” handle getting caught on the ski tip or behind skier’s knees. Give your quick release operator a “heads up” when a deep “V” is used.

  • Watch for the “low speed wobble” (ski wobbles uncontrollable from side to side).  Try increasing the speed two mph

SuperComp (advanced)

  • Similar to pulling a person on a single slalom ski

  • Firm, quick pull to 20 mph

  • Note: Do not “drag” a skier” unless asked! After rope is tight wait in neutral until “Hit It”


  • Be extra safety conscious, you are in the publics’ eye and how you operate your boat reflects directly to the program and disabled skiing in general.
  • Follow all state and local laws and regulations.  Remember, if a citation is issued the operator of the boat, not the organizers of the clinic, will be responsible.
  • Check that boat is equipped with required equipment i.e., life vests for all passengers, fire extinguisher, paddle, flag, quick release, deep “V”, knotted handle, boom and two way radio.
  • Before turning ignition, call out “Clear” and wait for a response.
  • Whenever close to a person in the water shut off boat.
  • Always approach a skier from driver’s side of boat i.e., to pick up a down skier or bringing the rope to skier in water.
  • All persons are to be seated inside of boat before moving.
  • Check that your quick release operator understands his/her responsibilities.
  • Before pulling your skier find out all pertinent information about him/her.
  • Know and follow your assigned boat path.


  • No shoes or dirty feet in boat.
  • Wipe off dirt when you see it – keep boat clean.
  • Don’t let skis touch gel coat.


  • Safety inspect all boats.
  • Make sure boats are fueled and oil checked before launching.
  • Discuss boat path.
  • Discuss pick up procedure.
  • Check with drivers throughout the day for breaks, water, food, etc.
  • Arrange for volunteer help to wipe down boats after they are pulled out.

BE PATIENT!  Adapted skiers require a little more time.

Download PDF file of this document