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Hand Signals


Speed-Up – The “thumbs up” of palm up wave is used to indicate the skier would like to go faster.

Slow-Down – The “thumbs down” or palm down wave is used to indicate the skier would like to go slower.

Turn – When either the skier of the boat driver wants the boat to turn, a circle motion with the arm over the head with one finger in the air is used.

Back to Dock – A pat on the head indicates that the skier would like to return to the starting area.

Cut Motor / Stop – A slashing motion with one hand across the neck indicates the boat is to stop immediately.  This should only be used in emergency situations.

I’m O.K.  After a Fall – This is the most important signal which indicates that the skier is O.K. after a fall.  It consists of both hands clasped over the head.  The signal can be modified to be just a wave with one hand.

O.K. – If the newly set speed or boat path is good then the skier uses the O.K. signal – an “O” made with the index finger and thumb.  This signal can also be used between skier and observer to indicate that signals given by one of them has been received and understood.

The observer should repeat the signals back to the skier.  This tells the skier that the observer has seen the signal and told the driver.

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