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Personnel Needed

A.     Troubleshooter

  • Directs flow of activities for participants
  • Handles any and all authority for all activities
  • Is the ultimate authority for all activities
  • Makes sure participants and volunteers are satisfied
  • Watches fatigue levels and any safety problems with participants, volunteers and staff
  • Enforces policies of the Program

B.     Dock / Beach Master

  • Forms roster of skiers
  • Assesses participants for water safety and equipment needs
  • Assigns shore help to participant
  • Communicates between towboat, chase boat and shore
  • Maintains progress notes of skiers upon conclusion of ski ride
  • Responsible for smooth flow of clinic

C.     Shore Help

  • Assists Dock / Beach Master
  • Assembles appropriate equipment
  • Instructs participant in progression of lesson
  • Introduces verbal and hand, whistle or head movement signals
  • Assists and / or transfers skier into water to meet Water Starter

D.     Water Starter

  • Checks for water safety
  • Instructs or assists skier with equipment
  • Reviews verbal and hand, whistle or head movement signals
  • Assists skier with balance while waiting for the start
  • May "drag" behind skier to assist with balance after skier starts
  • Meets or "catches" returning skiers

E.     Jumpers

  • Performs all the duties of a Water Starter
  • May jump from a moving chase boat to assist a skier that has fallen

F.     Boat Drivers

  • AWSA certified boat drivers (or similar experience)
  • May drive either chase or tow boats
  • Should be familiar with driving a variety of boats, particularly AWSA towboats and / or other personal watercraft (PWC)
  • Should be familiar with towing a variety of skiers and water ski equipment
  • Should be familiar with driving a boat equipped with a training or barefoot boom